Key Things You Need To Know About Curtain Wall

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Some people spend thousands of dollars to design the walls of their buildings.


Using marble, painted bricks, and granite to design the walls cost more money and adds more weight. Fortunately, the curtain wall offers the best way to design the wall.


A curtain wall is a well-designed thin framed wall that contains in-fills of glass, light stone, or metal panels used to design the wall.


Purchasing a quality curtain wall from a reliable and reputable manufacturer gives you the best experience.  


Interestingly, it does not carry the building's roof or floor loads due to how it is attached to the building. Its weight is less than that of marble, bricks, or granite.

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Description Of Curtain Wall Framing Methods

Curtain walls are grouped by their method of installation and fabrication into the following categories:

· Stick Systems

· Modular or utilized system


The Stick System

In the stick system, the installation of the curtain wall and the opaque panels or glass are done piece by piece. The curtain wall is connected during the installation.  


The Modular System

In the modular system, the curtain wall is composed of bulky units of curtain put together and glazed in the company. It is then transported to the site and erect on the building.  


Essential Features of Curtain Wall

The following features make curtain wall systems suitable for structures.


1. Light Weight

The weight of the Curtain wall is minimal compared to other materials.


For instance, the weight curtain wall is ten times lighter than painted bricks. It is also almost 20 times lighter than the weight of granite.


The lightweight of the curtain wall reduces the weight of the building. This makes it suitable for different structures without fear of stress on the construction materials of the building.


2. Cladding Materials

The curtain wall system consists of cladding materials. They are suitable for high-rising building due to its cladding materials.


The curtain wall protects the building from the external temperature and reduces pressure on the structure.  


Besides, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions due to a reduced rate in the external and internal environment. The curtain wall takes care of environmental challenges.


3. Different Designs

Curtain walls have different designs that make it suitable for different structures.


They are designed in different colors to suit the clients' requirements, which matches the color/design of the structure.


4. Easy To Install

The curtain wall system is well-designed for simple and easy installation. This makes it easy for installation in the high-rising building, offices, homes, and public structures.


5. Durable Materials

The curtain wall system consists of durable materials. The most commonly used curtain wall system is the Aluminum curtain wall. It is a very durable material for structure.


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