The Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Aluminum Doors And Windows

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After good surface treatment, the aluminum profile has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It is not afraid of moisture, sunlight, burning, aging, and long-lasting stability. It is suitable for various climates.


There is varying quality of aluminum windows and doors available in the market, these products could be of high or low quality. The Low-quality products have a poor sealing presentation and it is not easy to close and open.


On the other hand, when you require these products it is advised you buy high quality aluminum doors and windows from dependable and reliable manufacturers. This is because they know the factors that affect the service life of their products so they manufacture to standard.

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In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the service life of aluminum doors and windows.


In a building that has a foundation, the doors and windows are very essential.  So the main parts of the doors and windows must be durable so that they will not corrode, rust, and probably damage easily.


The Factors That Affect the Service Life Of Aluminum Doors And Windows.

1. Product Heat Transfer And Sound Insulation

For aluminum doors and windows, the heat transfer performance is relatively good, and good quality aluminum doors and windows also have the function of heat insulation, which can save a part of energy consumption.


In terms of sound insulation performance, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows can have a good sound insulation effect, and can keep the indoor environment in a relatively quiet state when used.

2. Waterproof Structure of Door And Window Profiles

If the waterproof structure design of the door and window profiles is unreasonable and the waterproof sealing layer is not enough, when exposed to rainwater inside and outside, the material or rainwater entering the aluminum profile cavity cannot be smoothly discharged outside through the aluminum profile drainage system and stay in the aluminum profile. If water accumulates inside, the aluminum doors and windows will oxidize.


Therefore, the waterproof structure of doors and windows is a big factor affecting the service life of aluminum doors and windows.

3. The Level Of  Mechanical Process

The level of production equipment process regulates the general performance of the windows and doors.


An aluminum door or window that has a high quality will be fine processing, the sealing performance will be good, smooth cutting, consistent angle degree, opening and closing will be easy.


Whereas an aluminum window or door that has a low quality mechanical process will blindly select a low quality profile and specification, saw instead of milling. Also, the installation will not be as requested, processing will be rough, will have leaking winds, rains and glass bursting at the seams. It will also run into tough winds and several external forces which will make it easily fall off or probably knock off the part of the glass that is sliding.

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4. Natural Factors

Humidity: An increase in air humidity will intensify the electrochemical reaction between metals, leading to increased corrosion rates.


Temperature: At high temperature and high humidity, the temperature rises to accelerate corrosion, and the longer the humidification time, the more serious the corrosion.


Air quality: Oxygen, harmful gases and dust in the air, such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from the combustion of coal and gasoline, will corrode metals.


The influence of natural factors will inevitably lead to the corrosion of product accessories. If the hardware is corroded, the functions and performance of doors and windows will be greatly reduced, and their service life will be shortened.


The products supplied by Kenneth will meet the characteristics of all high-quality aluminum doors and windows. We pay attention to the details of doors and windows. We have strict quality control in every step of the processing to ensure that the service life of your doors and windows exceeds your expectations.


Although many different factors will affect the adaptive life span, how we maintain our daily life also needs to be focused on:

1. If the sealing wool and glass glue are found to fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure the sealing and heat preservation of aluminum doors and windows. The glass and window frames should be wiped dry in time after rain.


2. Check the connection parts of the door and window frames, tighten the bolts in time, and replace the damaged parts. The vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as positioning shaft pins, wind braces, and floor springs, should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep them clean and flexible.


3. Check the wall joints of aluminum doors and windows. If the aluminum doors and windows are loose, it will easily deform the frame as a whole, making the doors and windows unable to be closed and sealed. Therefore, if the screws of the joint are loose, they should be tightened immediately. If the screw feet are loose, apply a small amount of cement to seal with epoxy super glue.


4. Check various hardware accessories of sliding doors and windows. If the damage is found, repair or replace it in time. If the chute has been used for a long time, you can apply a little wax oil or drip some engine oil to reduce friction and keep doors and windows open and closed easily and flexibly.


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