Water Leakage Problems And Solutions For Aluminum Doors And Windows: Corner of The Frame

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No doubt, aluminum doors and windows have grown in use and popularity among many homeowners and project managers. However, despite their increased usage due to their aesthetic quality and durability, water leakage happens to a nightmare that has plagued the use of aluminum doors and windows over the years.


Although there hasn’t been a complete solution to this problem, many experts in custom aluminum doors and windows have proffered some solutions that can be used to curtail this problem. To ensure that you invest in the best custom aluminum door and windows, always purchase them from an experienced manufacturer.


So, let’s take a deep dive as we consider a notable leakage part of custom aluminum doors and windows.


Water leakage around the outer frame corners aluminum doors and window

During the installation of aluminum doors and windows, they are usually connected either at 90 o straight thread fastening or 45o group angle.


Specifically, the 90 o straight frame together with the external frame so that it can close the pierced body of the aluminum door. Similarly, the 45 o group angle is to provide a structure for the profile tape cavity of the aluminum window and door.

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Why water leaks around the 45o angle and possible treatment plan


whenever the cutting blade or saw is worn or blunt, it will likely result in dents and gaps around the 45o group angle. This, you can tell is an easy way to cause water leakage.


Possible treatment plan

Ensure that the cutting blade of your cutting equipment is sharp and accurate.



When there is an overlapping between the frame profile and the corner code, there will be a gap or looseness around the 45o splicing once the group angle is completed. Obviously, this will lead to water leakage.


Possible treatment plan

It is advisable that the matching gap that is left between the profile cavity and the corner code should be within 0.2mm. This is because the corner code is usually under direct stress and pressure by the extrusion tool used.



Water can directly enter into the corner when there is no treatment around the cavity in the thermal insulating parts of the insulating profile around the broken bridge. Once this is the case, water will definitely seep in.


Possible treatment plan

Create a connection piece especially for the cavity around the thermal insulation strip, then apply a glue injection seal to hold it in place.



When there is no large flanging of the aluminum door profile, there might be some gap or misalignment that may cause water leakage, especially when opening the door.


Possible treatment plan

Create a fitting connection between the notch angle plugin, and then add some glue to keep the corners together.


Why water leaks around the 90o angle and possible treatment plan


Whenever there is splicing between both the vertical and horizontal frames, and no soft and double-sided adhesion tape is used to hold the spliced surface together, this may result to gaps around the spliced surface. Obviously, this will also lead to water leakage.


Possible treatment plan

Create connecting parts that can be injected with glue to seal the connection. or find a double-sided adhesive tape to hold each section of the splicing.



Uneven design of the cross-section structure or when there is an uneven force while fastening screws. This may lead to the gap, which will invariably lead to leakage.


Possible treatment plan

Replace the cross-sectional structure so that the force that will be created will be evenly distributed when tightening the screws.


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