Factory Thermal Break Aluminum Bathroom Door Design With Double Glaze

Factory Thermal Break Aluminum Bathroom Door Design With Double Glaze
Factory Thermal Break Aluminum Bathroom Door Design With Double Glaze

Product Feature

Factory thermal break aluminum bathroom door design with double glaze

● Casement doors have higher safety performance than other categories. Casement door can be installed with a lock when in use, and for ordinary families,casement door is made of relatively hard materials, which is very convenient and safe to use; 2.Low noise during opening and closing

●Low noise during opening and closing

●Casement doors are durable, and have good heat insulation and dust-proof performance. They are suitable for various high, medium and low-grade decorative doors

● The profile used 6063-T5 aluminum,with higher strength

● Using Fluorocarbon Coated,better corrosion resistance, longer service life

● With thermal break aluminium system design for more energy saving function

● Double or triple insulated glass with better sound and heat insulation performance

Product Information

Foshan Kenneth Windows&Doors Co.,Ltd

Product Parameters

Place of Origin:Foshan, China
Brand Name:Kenneth
Model Number:Commercial system KNS-01
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Open Style:Casement
Opening Pattern:Horizontal
After-Sales Service:≥ 10 years
Window Standard:AS/NZS 2047/CSA standard
window profile thickness:1.4 mm-2.0mm
Profile color:Customized
Profile Surface treatment:Powder coating/anodizing/electrophoresis
Glass type:Double glazing
Glass thickness:5mm clear + 12mm A +5mm clear (A=Air)
Hardware:German hardware
Guarantee Period10 Years
Sealing Rubber:First class EPDM

Product Accessories

Foshan Kenneth Windows&Doors Co.,Ltd

Color Options

Foshan Kenneth Windows&Doors Co.,Ltd
Foshan Kenneth Windows&Doors Co.,Ltd

More Details


Modular design hinges for easier screws position and faster installation


Skillfully combined the transmission mechanism and the square shaft.

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