Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows Series: Aluminum Double Hung Window

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Without a doubt, windows are among the indispensable fixtures of a building. Depending on the type of building as well as the geographical location of the building, the types of windows to be used are also very different.


For instance, most people in the Western world prefer to use aluminum double hung window, and this they do by purchasing such from a trusted and renowned manufacturer of this piece of home fixtures.

Aluminum double hung window is a door and window that easily adapts to the up-and-down lifting opening method. Because it is mainly popular in North America, it is also called an American-style lifting window. In the international system, windows derived from European side-hung and sliding windows are commonly referred to as European-style windows.

double hung window
The double hung window is composed of a fixed window frame, an inner sash, an outer sash and accessories that can slide both down and up, and there are single and double lifting windows.


A single hung window means that the upper sash is directly fixed to the window frame, and only the lower sash can be movably lifted. The single hung window can offer a better air and water penetration tightness.


The double hung window’s outstanding quality is that the upper and lower fans can be lifted movably, the selection of ventilation parts is more flexible, the disassembly is easier, and the maintenance is convenient.

double hung window 

Aluminum Double Hung Window Superior Performance

Superior air tightness and water tightness

The double hung window is tighter than the left and right hung window, which is determined by the structure of the window. The double hung window is a frame-wrapped sash structure. The window sash is wrapped in the window frame and runs vertically. Through the multiple sealing of high-quality siliconized tops, the sash frame fits tightly around the frame, and the sealing performance is better than that of the aluminum window.


The structure is safe and does not take up space

The ventilation method of the double hung window is more reasonable. It is lifted up and down and does not take up space. It is especially suitable for use in slender and narrow openings such as kitchens, bathrooms or aisles, balconies, etc. It is an ideal choice for designers in casement and double hung windows.


Exquisite facade and reasonable ventilation

The double hung window has relatively high design flexibility, the facade looks beautiful and light, the upper and lower window sashes can have different line divisions, the window frame is simple, the lines are delicate, the ventilation and lighting are both important, there will be no visual obstacles, ventilation only needs to adjust the upper and lower window sashes, The screen window setting is also relatively easy.

Aluminum Double Hung Window Applications

Due to the relative ease of the aluminum double hung window frame to be easily pushed up and down, there is also relative ease in making it stay in a particular desired position.


More so, it also can be turned over, and it is pretty simple to install, and they are most especially best suited for places such as canteens, hospitals, office buildings, residences as well as other places they may be found relevant.


Not only does this type of window enhances the ventilation and lighting of your room, instead, it also boos the moisture tightness as well as the air tightness within your space.

The window types of doors and windows are designed for different house functions, and the functional quality of windows brings a different experience to the health, comfort and living and working conditions of the occupants.


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