Are aluminum windows safe for your home?

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The security of your home is a step to take into account from the beginning. From the moment you consider reforming your old house or even building your home as you like best, you must bear in mind that the safety of the materials in your home is one of the most important points. And even more so the security in doors and windows.


What steps should you follow to choose 100% safe aluminum windows or doors? Let's get started!


The security of your window depends on its type of opening

What type of window should you choose according to its closures? With our long-term experience as aluminum window manufacturers, we explain the characteristics of aluminum windows so that you can choose your perfect option.


- Aluminum sliding windows were in the past the least reliable option in terms of security, when their closing elements were normally limited to a single point per leaf. It was advisable to install them on high floors or where access was rather difficult. Today this problem has been solved, in a sliding window several closing points can be placed per leaf, making them much safer.

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- The tilt-and-turn aluminum windows have full opening locking systems that allow the upper opening for ventilation. They would be the safest window option among those that can be opened.


- The practicable or casement aluminum windows, the most traditional option, are also considered safe, providing greater security the  more  closing points they present.


Aluminum windows: get security and aesthetics.

Aluminum allows you to combine safety and aesthetics. Our doors and windows have dozens of different finishes. We have more than 20 standard aluminum standard colors so that the aesthetics of your facade and the interior of your home comply with the aesthetic standards of your community and the design that you prefer.


Besides, you can also choose between matte and textured finishes for lacquering the aluminum of your carpentry or opt for any of the multiple wood-effect aluminum finishes.

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I want to change the windows for my house for safer ones

Do you already have windows and doors and want to renew them? Do you think that your old windows are already amortized and do you think you should change them for safer and better energy efficient ones? Please do it! It's a good time and aluminum is your best option. As expert aluminum window manufacturers, we will guide you to get the best for your home.


And also, if the windows chosen for your first installation were aluminum windows and doors, you will not be wasting the material, but it will be reused in the future. Its high percentage of recyclability means that the material does not suppose a loss for the sector or aggression against the environment.


In addition, aluminum is one of the most unalterable, safe and durable materials to install in this type of enclosure. Its characteristics do not change appreciably over time and it will protect you from the outside from the beginning to the end.


If you choose to install aluminum joinery, you will be contributing to a cycle of the circular economy. Bet on safer windows!


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