Common Problems of Aluminum Swing Doors in Winter

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The wintertime is a time that is characterized by cold temperature and the fall of snow.


During this period of the year, people become worried because of the trouble it brings to homes.


Although your entry aluminum swing door is planned by its design to safeguard your home against gusty winds and snows, some problems may surface at this period of the year.


However, if you can get a quality aluminum swing door from a reliable and experienced aluminum swing door factory, then the problem is partly solved.

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I will share with you some of the problems that commonly arise with the entry door during the winter period.

1. Your Door Binds in the Upper Corner

For most of the entry aluminum swing doors, this is the usual winter worries. The door fastened to the top-most corner of the frame.


This result in the aluminum swing door pulling down from the uppermost corner


The sudden weather changes can alter the frame or the door resulting in its unequal expansion and contraction that made it stuck.


At other times it might be that the removed screw was not restored thus making the weight of the door pull down on the reverse corner as it tilts and binds the frame.


For you to solve issues like this, it is good to permit space between door and frame.


Consequently, this will help avert and keep the swing door during the wintertime.


2. Loose Screws

The screw may loosen from your aluminum swing door during the winter.


Similar to the cause of door binding, changes in temperature and humidity is the cause of loosened screw.


Well, that might look very little to bother about,  but it is a serious issue which can lead to drooping condition for the door.


3. Dirty, Icy Locks


At this period of the year, the cold temperature and snowfall can bridge our home security when it comes to door locks.


With the presence of moisture, door locks can be difficult to open at times and might be freeze under this condition as well.


4. No Silent Nights with Squeaking Doors


At this time of the year, we often experience the squeaking sound of the door. It may be annoying, but it's a sign that winter has finally come.


5. Door Latch Misses the Strike Plate


When the door latch is not well aligned with the strike plate, it will never close well.


A small fraction inch difference between the latch and the strike plate can result in the door not closing well.


For the aluminum swing door to align well, the little metal plunger must match perfectly into the plates placed on the jamb.


If you observed that the door latch is not well aligned with the strike plate, you should not close it by force. Consequently can lead to binding or sticking of the door.

Advantages of Kenneth Aluminum Swing Door 

Choosing Kenneth aluminum swing doors can help you avoid these problems.

1. Swing doors have higher safety performance than other categories. The swing door can be installed with a lock when in use. For ordinary families, the swing door is made of relatively hard materials, which is very convenient and safe to use;


2. Opening and closing, low noise when opening and closing. Double or triple insulating glass, with better sound insulation and heat insulation performance;


3. The flat door is durable and has good heat insulation and dustproof performance. Suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low grade decorative doors. Designed with heat insulation aluminum system, with more energy-saving features;


4.Using fluorocarbon coating, better corrosion resistance and longer service life.

In Need Of An Aluminum Swing Door?


Yes, the problems highlighted during the winter period are there. However, there are quality aluminum swing doors designed to work well in this condition.


You can source them from a reliable and experienced aluminum swing door manufacturer.Kindly contact Kenneth today to see our various products. You would be glad you did.


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