Worldwide Aluminum Market Analysis And Trends Forecast

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In the earth crust aluminum is rich in metal; it is broadly used in 1900s. Up till today, it is an important material, use around the globe for numerous applications.


Globally aluminum production reached 59 million metric tons (mt) in 2016. This was led by great growth in demand and production from China.


As of 2016, China is the prime producer of aluminum, they have total smelter production of 31,400 million metric tons (mt), the lead was followed by Russia and Canada.


However, it is not only aluminum suppliers that are gaining, the extruded aluminum market that is envisaged to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.67% up to 2021.


Also, the aluminum casting market is projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.33% up to 2022.


Furthermore, the aluminum worldwide market is estimated to rise by 34 million tons and this is pushed by compound growth of 4.8%


All these growth and development in aluminum production and the market is not far fetching from the fact that aluminum has distinctive physical properties which makes it the first choice in numerous application and product. Many factories sought after it mostly such as aluminum bathroom door factories.


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Other trends in aluminum production and demand.

Transportation of aluminum is predicted to grow more than 5%. The massive growth makes it grave for businesses in aluminum to be well informed of the moving beat of the market.


However, there will be a great and healthy benefit through transportation which will add significantly to its growth globally.


The United States will uphold a 3.7% growth rate as it is representing the developed world.  Also, Europe still stands as a relevant element in the world economy.  


In the next 5 to 6 years Germany will add more than 1.2 million tons to the region’s size. And more than 982.2 thousand tons of estimated demand will come from other European markets.


Coming down to Japan, the market size of transportation will be 3.2 million tons before the close of the forecast years.


The transportation market size of China can grow at 7.5% in the next few years, 9.9 million tons is predicted because of their many opportunities and intelligent leaders.


Also, many macro-economic influences and internal market powers will moderate the development and growth of demand outlines in developing countries of Latin America, the Middles East, and Asia- Pacific.


New and trending opportunities for aluminum factories

3D printing

This is used to print the functional part and separated hard parts


Sustainable energy

There is a premium aluminum cable with an installation that has cost and safety advantages which makes it good for many applications.


Unsinkable ship

Foaming gas is added to the liquid metal to produce aluminum foam while re-melting material. This makes it unsinkable.


New power source

Aluminum-based powder yields hydrogen when it is exposed to water and this generates power quickly and easily.


All these new opportunities and trends in aluminum bathroom door factory and other aluminum production factories make it unique and most sought after.


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