Factors To Consider When Building And Investing In A Sunroom

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Sunrooms are sometimes referred to as Florida rooms, and there is a reason for that.


These open, airy spaces provide a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunny warmth that Florida is famous, yet still staying indoors in your home.


Some of the materials needed to build a sunroom include:

1. Wood 

2. Vinyl and aluminum 

3. Doors and windows 

4. Screens 


Sunroom roof materials include aluminum roof panels or traditional roofing materials to match your home.


Some people build their sunrooms themselves while some use professionals.


Overall, the materials and parts used in installing the sunrooms should be purchased from the most reliable manufacturers. 


Here are a few things to consider in the building or installation of a sunroom in your home


The Size of the Sunroom

Ensure that the size of the desired sunroom is well thought out. Think about how much outdoor space can willingly be given up and how much indoor space can be let go of, in order to extensively enjoy the sunroom’s benefits.


Installing a sunroom is generally cheaper than building a regular/traditional room, so the sunroom space is worth the financial investment.


The presence of a sunroom in a home is a great way to improve the house's value.


The Use of the Sunroom

Another major thing to do when building a sunroom is to envision the use of the sunroom by the family.


Will the sunroom be serving as the perfect breakfast nook to drink coffee and enjoy the sunrise?


Will it serve as a children’s playroom? Will the new sunroom be a place for entertainment or a place to spread a yoga mat or read a book?


Ask these questions and identify what is desired for the new sunroom, and it would help define the space.


The Internal Access of the Sunroom

When considering building a Florida room, one of the significant factors to consider is its placement regarding the other places in the house.


What are the rooms that would be passed or walked through when exiting the sunroom?


If the sunroom is intended to be a private space, it is advisable to build it away from the bedroom.


If it is designed to be for entertainment, it is advisable to access the sunroom from a public area in the home such as the living room, and if there is constant dining in the sunroom, it is advisable to access through the kitchen. 


The External Placement of the Sunroom

When considering building a sunroom, a sunny spot with a pleasant view would be the best placement, mostly because a sunroom is supposed to be a transitional space that allows lots of warmth and light from outside to the inside of the house.


Another thing that should be considered in external placement is the privacy of the Sunroom; ensure that a sunroom is built to protect one’s privacy. 


Considering building your own Sunroom?

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