A Complete Buyer’s Guide To Casement windows

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Are you building a house? or you are trying to buy or find yourself a new house?  


Among one of those things on your list to check is the presence of a casement window in your new home.


This particular guide will show you all you need to know about this window, why you need it, how you can install and maintain it in your house.


It is important to note that the first and crucial step of getting the best out from these casement windows is by purchasing it from the best casement window manufacturers.


Casement windows in home design

The casement windows were used first in medieval times and its unwaning fame has been attributed to its beauty and simplicity.  


The aesthetics of these windows have an aura that screams class whenever you look at it from the inside and outside.


It is absolutely perfect for any architectural design, giving a good view of nature and your surrounding without compromising airflow.  


So regardless of what your style is, or the height or position of your windows once you make orders from the best casement window manufacturers.


With that, you can be sure to get these windows in various vertical designs, frames, and shapes to suit your classy preferences.

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The pros and cons of Casement windows

If you are concerned about energy and security efficiency, then you have nothing to worry about with the casement windows.


They are built to be weatherproof with effective locking systems that are very peculiar to keep your home protected from destructive winds, rainfalls and burglars from the exterior.


Despite the huge popularity and strengths of the casement window, it also has a few cons that are noteworthy even as you make purchases from the best casement window manufacturers.


Casement windows are designed to be opened from the exteriors, therefore must be placed inside window frames and not used alongside air conditioners.


Also, due to the peculiarity of the weight of its glass, to get the accurate window size is difficult.


Types of casement windows

1. Single-frame:

This is most preferred among the others; it is characterized by a window frame holding a single pane of glass. It can also panes of glasses that are differentiated by strips.


2. Double:

This is also known as French windows since it lacks a vertical post in the center. It has two casement windows that open exteriorly and converges in the middle when closed.


3. Push-out:

These windows can be both single or double framed, they are usually pushed out and kept perpetually opened through very unique systems.


Casement windows are made from different materials.

Below are some materials from which casement windows are made of:

· Steel – These windows are very expensive but are the most beautiful of casement windows


· Aluminum – These are light, durable, moisture tight, maintains energy and quite easy to mount.


· Vinyl – They are known for their cheap, moisture-resistant frames, however they are quite prone to leakage


· Wood – These have frames that can easily be pained to reflect your style and design choices. They are effective in terms of energy and weather.


· Clad-wood –   These casement windows are made of frames whose exterior is coated with aluminum and the internal part is painted with wood.


Maintaining your casement windows

These casement windows are not hard to maintain, all you need to do is to clean both sides of the casement at least twice a year.


Also, run checks on the hinges, screws and the general hardware every quarter.


The perfect strategy in this guide is that you buy from the best casement window manufacturers, this will allow you to enjoy your casement windows without any stress or additional cost.


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