The development trend and rebirth of sliding patio doors

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If you mention sliding Patio doors to us, we can categorically tell you that over the years, sliding patio doors have been relegated to the backseat right from the early 90s.


This is largely because sliding patio doors have been seen to be old fashioned, and this made the gave rise to the reign of the French doors for almost two decades.


French doors followed closely, and  later bi-fold doors were used and installed in most parts of the UK and even around the world.


This, you can tell was another major reason why patio sliding doors were further relegated with its shadows almost out of sight.


Nevertheless, sliding patio doors were still the top choice for many homeowners who loved the classic view and their seamless architectural design.


And for most of such homeowners, their purchase was always from a reputable and the best sliding patio door suppliers.


The Resurgence of Sliding Patio Doors

As we all known,the need for homeowners to incorporate the bi-folding doors into a new residential building or even renovation project was a major driving force that to the contemporary architectural movement.


This was the major but silent route that gave rise to the reemergence of sliding patio doors.  


Nevertheless, the dire need to have a door with a wider glass area that will give room to the penetration of more light was another major reason that new homes and renovation project stretch their hands of welcome back to sliding patio doors.


More so, this need for a larger glass area as well as more light penetration into buildings has also led to a major development and advancement in the industry.


And most outstandingly is the fact that the combination of enhanced and improved engineering design has given reasons why sliding patio doors are gradually rising to meet the standard of today's minimal and contemporary architectural home design.


Moreover, considering the good weather conditions in various countries, we can also confidently say that the sliding patio door is the most appropriate whether it is closed or opened.

 Sliding Patio Doors

Outstanding Features of Sliding Patio Doors

Some outstanding features that have led to the rebirth of the sliding patio doors are their size and weight combination.


In most cases, sliding patio doors panel can measure up to about 3 meters high and 4 meters wide with the weight running into about 400kg.


Despite this wide, high and huge weight, sliding patio doors still manage to glide seamlessly along their stainless steel track.


More so, they can also be used in almost any type of home, and both the lift & slide as well as the inline variations both gives different level of aesthetic performance to homes where they are used.


When considering the amount of glass required by sliding patio doors, they can still be said to be energy efficient with a high level of security.


In fact, they can also be suitable for even a passive house project or a low-budget renovation.


With some options such as the frameless windows, panoramic windows, and even the all-glass corners, it will definitely be a good idea to invest in sliding patio doors.

Moreover, based on current trends, sourcing from a professional and the best sliding patio door suppliers like Kenneth, remains the best option to have the best product.


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