What is the aluminum alloy door window?

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Aluminum alloy enhances the strength and hardness building materials. It is an excellent metal component for doors and windows. The aluminum alloy can be extruded into profiles for the frame, handspike, and other parts of doors and windows. The aluminum alloy door and window gradually takes over the global market.


What is the thermal break aluminum alloy door window?

The thermal break aluminum alloy window is used to improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and Windows. The thermal break type is the principle of aluminum alloy window. However, the aluminum profiles are divided into two parts; inside and outside connections.

 Aluminum Folding Doors

The aluminum profile can be used to form a hot and cold bridge.

Also, the exterior color can be selected based on individual choices. Generally, they are beautiful and have good performance. The aluminum alloy metal provides insulation.


What is insulating glass?

Hollow glass provides good heat insulation, sound insulation, and can reduce the building weight of the new building material.

It uses two (or three) pieces of glass, with high strength and high air tightness composite binder, glass sheet containing desiccant aluminum alloy frame bond, made of high-efficiency sound insulation glass.


What are the differences between the aluminum alloy profile and the thermal break aluminum alloy profile?

The color interior and exterior colors of the ordinary aluminum profile is the same. Also, the heat conduction is fast. However, for the thermal break aluminum profile, it has a cold and hot bridge. Also, the interior and exterior energy cannot be exchanged through the profile. It has good heat preservation and insulation effect.


What is safety glass?

Safety glass is a type of glass that is resistant to violent vibration or impact. It is easily thermal break when subject to extreme conditions. Hence, it is used for doors and windows of automobiles, airplanes, and unique buildings. Some buildings use safety glass, which can withstand bullets or debris from a 100-kilometer-an-hour hurricane. It is particularly crucial for modern facilities with a primary glass structure.


What is hollow louver glass?

Hollow louver glass window is a kind of sunshade product. There is a built-in louver curtain that makes use of magnetic force or electric remote control means to control. This makes it easy to raise louver curtain, pull it down or turn 180 degrees.

This product not only saves space in the home, but it also achieves the purpose of shading, with thermal insulation and anti-noise function, while giving the building and the interior a novel vision. It is convenient to use and a perfect replacement for curtains. You don't have to clean all the time.


What is the heat transfer coefficient of the aluminum alloy?

The heat transfer coefficient is the velocity of the internal temperature and the intensity of the outward conduction with respect to time.

It is a measure of the internal heat. However, the heat transfer value is obtained through time and temperature. The heat transfer coefficient of ordinary aluminum doors and Windows is about 5.0-7.6. The heat transfer coefficient of thermal break aluminum alloy doors and Windows is about 2.5-3.0. The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy doors and Windows is about 0.8-2.5.


What are the more common doors and windows?

Examples of aluminum doors and windows include the following; Sliding door window, flat open doors, and Windows, outside open hanging window, inside open, inside inverted window, fixed window, and more.


In recent months, we can find that the demand for aluminum alloy doors has gradually increased, and more and more customers choose our Kenneth doors and windows. If you also have decoration needs, please call us in time.


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