Professionals share experience in waterproof aluminum windows

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Today we want to talk about the water tightness in the windows of our home or workplace, because it is very important to know its characteristics and benefits if we want to enjoy the comfort of our home. There is no doubt that one of the strengths of aluminum windows in towns and many other places is the tightness it presents and the thermal and acoustic insulation it provides. This represents one of the main reasons why more and more users decide to renew the exterior carpentry of your home.

 Water Proof Aluminum Sash Sliding Windows


The sealing is defined as the ability to maintain tight windows and walls while the window continuously sprayed water, for a certain time with the application of wind. The water tightness of windows is determined by different tests according to set standards. In the case of the European continent, there is the EN 1027 standard and the classification of the European standard EN 12208.


The purpose of this regulation is to classify windows based on their resistance to water, that is, to the penetration of water from the outside to the inside. For this, different aspects are taken into account and special attention is paid to those parts of the window that are susceptible to the entry of water and humidity. To carry out the necessary tests and comply with European regulations, all independent test benches and laboratories must be approved.



As we have already mentioned, a series of trials and tests are carried out to classify windows based on their tightness, the results of which give a classification table. There are two test methods, the first (A) angle water sprayed on the window it is 24 or and applied to windows that do not have any protection element and are located flush with the facade. In the second method (B) the water is sprayed at an angle of 840 and they are windows that do have some additional protection.


The latter is the one that gives the most favorable results due to its characteristics. Once the tests have been carried out, the windows are classified according to an alpha-numerical index, taking into account the water pressure, the applied method (A or B), the amount of water in liters and the exposure time. The higher the number obtained, the greater the tightness of the window and, therefore, the more insulation we will have in our home.


Although it is true that the most watertight windows are also the most expensive, in Kenneth, we offer very competitive prices so that you can enjoy the best aluminum windows anywhere at an affordable price and with the guarantee of one of the leading companies in the sector.


In our waterproof aluminum windows factory, efforts are put together to ensure that the standard and quality of products are gradually improved. This expresses our continuous efforts towards ensuring that global customers enjoy the comfort of their homes and to stay cozy even in this season of heavy fall. 


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