The versatility of aluminum doors and windows

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The malls are large infrastructure and dimensions may consist of one or more buildings with spaces for local, services or entertainment such as cinemas, arcades and food fairs.

This type of construction is generally located in large cities and has a significant impact on the economy of the sector.

In this sense, the owners of construction companies in charge of the construction of a shopping center, strive to optimize the spaces and offer safe and reliable facilities that conform to the models designed by the architects of the work.

 aluminum doors

Aluminum doors for shopping centers

One of the elements that are never lacking in shopping centers are the doors that are generally automatic, made of glass or crystal.

Those called automatic slides are common, since they have a sliding mechanism that maximizes the width in open doors, avoiding areas of depth.

This type of door can be of one or two leaves with a system wide enough so that the panels can slide back on side screens.


Aluminum door closers

In shopping centers, the doors must have an important element related to security and these are the door closers that must be discreet, hidden from view and located at ground level so that the automatic doors close without any inconvenience.


In this regard, high quality windows and doors suppliers take care of details such as longitudinal and lateral adjustments; also the height that must be between the cement and the housing, to facilitate assembly.


Likewise, experts in door closer installation avoid any fluctuation in temperature by compensating thermo-valves that guarantee stability in the closing function.


Aluminum windows for shopping centers

We are interested in satisfying customers who demand this type of door. In this sense, if we do not have it, we manufacture it to measure to always be at the level of the best manufacturers and distributors of aluminum windows and doors.


Aluminum Telescopic sliding automatic doors

They are ideal doors for hotels with limited entrances of space. They are also very useful for separating corridors or where greater width of free passage than usual is needed.


Aluminum Automatic curved doors

This type of curved or semicircular door gives the option to the concept of elegant and unique entrances without omitting the functionality of the typical sliding door.


Automatic-revolving doors

Ideal for preserving the air conditioning of the interior spaces of hotels, providing a touch of elegance and distinction.


Automatic swing gates

They provide security, good design and functionality, as well as custom colors and finishes, allowing perfect integration with the environment where they are installed.


Automatic-hermetic doors

They guarantee impenetrability thanks to their magnificent features.


Aluminum Hermetic doors

Ideal for observation rooms due to their wide visibility, allowing hermetic isolation.


Automatic doors-fire resistant

The doors resistant to fire and have a separating occupation that combine both aesthetics and functionality.


Automatic doors-evacuation

Indispensable in any hotel infrastructure as they allow to harmonize the possibility of folding the leaves with the functionality of an automatic door.


The hospital doors are specially designed to help people with disabilities or who have some kind of physical disability.


Likewise, this type of door facilitates the passage of wheelchairs, beds, while respecting the sterility and hygiene rules of the operating rooms without having to be manipulated manually.


It can be seen that the common doors and windows in life are basically made of aluminum. Aluminum doors are not only light weight, durable, and more environmentally friendly. For better aluminum doors and windows, please contact us.


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