How Aluminum Windows Are Made?

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In recent years, aluminum has been the material of choice by home contractors and architects for building stylish and durable windows. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but aluminum windows can also increase the comfort in your home while reducing your energy bill. 

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Now more and more people are installing aluminum windows, so what is the manufacturing process of aluminum windows? 

The Process of Making Aluminum Windows

1. Material cutting

Material cutting is also called "cutting", which is the first process of making aluminum alloy doors and windows. The cutting equipment is mainly used to accurately cut the length of the material according to the design requirements and with reference to the large-scale construction drawings of doors and windows. The cut-off size error value should be controlled within 2mm, otherwise the sealing quality of doors and windows is difficult to guarantee. Cutting materials for sliding doors and windows should be cut at right angles; Cutting materials for casement doors and windows should be cut at 45 degrees; other types should be selected according to the assembly method.

2. Drilling

The frame fans of aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally assembled by screws. Therefore, whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical rods or the fixing of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes at corresponding positions. The drilling of the profile can be a small bench drill. Because of the worktable, the accuracy of the drilling position can be effectively guaranteed; and the use of a pistol-type electric drill is convenient for easy operation. Before drilling, the elastic wire should be positioned on the profile according to the assembly requirements. The drilling position must be accurate and the hole diameter must be appropriate. Do not change the drilling repeatedly on the surface of the profile, because once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair.

3. Assembly

Assemble the profiles with screws according to the requirements of the construction drawing. There are three ways of assembling aluminum alloy doors and windows: 45-degree angle butt, right-angle butt and vertical butt. The connection of the horizontal and vertical rods generally uses special connectors or aluminum angles and then is fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum rivets.

  • The door frame size deviation, door frame, fan's adjacent members assembly gap and the same plane height difference should comply with relevant regulations.

  • The door components should be connected firmly and the connection parts should be sealed and waterproofed with corrosion-resistant filling material.

  • The installation position of door accessories is correct, complete and firm, which should play their respective roles, have enough strength, open and close flexibly without noise, and accessories that can withstand repeated movements should be easy to replace in structure.

  • The quality of door, glass, hardware, seal and other accessories should be compatible with the quality level of the door.

  • After assembly, the gap between the glass and the inlaid slot should be ensured and shock-absorbing pads should be installed in the main part to buffer the impact of opening and closing forces.

  • There should be no obvious damage on the door decoration surface.

  • There should be no obvious color difference on the colored surfaces of adjacent members on the door.

  • There should be no aluminum shavings, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the door surface and there should be no spilled glue outside the assembly connection.

After the semi-finished product is assembled and inspected, it is cleaned, covered with a product certificate, packaged and then waited for the next step such as receipt in the warehouse or delivery logistics.


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