How To Insulate Aluminum Windows

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Aluminum windows are thermally conductive. This substantially accounts for heat gain in warm weather and heat loss in cold weather. By this, the house can be very cold during winter because the warm air inside the house will leave the house, creating space for cold air to enter.  

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When the cold air meets warm air at the window surface, they condense. This may result in damage to the window frame and support mold growth.

What then is the solution to all these, you may ask? An effective insulation of aluminum windows will prevent heat loss and regulate the surface temperature of the interior glass. 

And like you would expect, this insulation will bring the needed comfort and warmness to your house.

What To Consider Before Insulating Your Aluminum Window

Before you insulate your window, you should know the major goal you want to achieve. Most people insulate their aluminum window because of temperature regulation. 

Do you want to insulate the frame permanently or for a short period? This will determine the type of insulator and the cost of your work you want to do on your aluminum frame.

Useful Tips On How To Insulate Aluminum Window

The following tips and tools will help you to know how to insulate your aluminum window effectively.

1.The Use of Plastic Insulation Film

The use of plastic insulation film is easy to do. The materials are not expensive. You can get it at home-repair stores. A plastic insulation film is a large sheet of plastic film with double-sided adhesive tape.

Stick the adhesive tape around the aluminum window and mount the film on the adhesive tape to completely cover the surface of the aluminum frame. The plastic insulating film will block every access to the window. This will prevent the aluminum from easy thermal conductivity. 

2.Use of Insulation Drapes

The use of insulation drape is not because of the weight of the drape, but the tightness of the seal. The insulation drapes prevent the air in the room from circulating into the space behind the window. 

Insulation drapes should fit the aluminum window in all sides, from top to bottom, and from side to side. The insulation drapes reduce the transfer of heat through the aluminum frame from the house.

3.Weather-strip of Aluminum Window

Weather-stripping is a way of sealing the aluminum window with materials that block air leaks through the window. This choice of insulation depends on the objective of insulating the aluminum frame.

The type of material to use may give the insulation of the frame permanent state. It may also be a temporary state as well. Some materials you can use include Vinyl, foam, felt, and metal. These materials seal air and prevent leaks through the frame.

4.Use Energy-Efficient Aluminum Windows

Another useful way of solving the problem of temperature regulation through the insulation of the aluminum frame is upgrading it to a high-quality energy-efficient aluminum window.

Energy-efficient aluminum frames enable you to reduce energy consumption from heating or cooling the house. Need one? We are available to help you select the right type of aluminum frame for your structure or building. 


An effective insulation of your aluminum frame can prevent unwanted heat loss or gain in your house. There are energy-efficient aluminum frames that can provide the right temperature at the right time for you. 

So, you can use any of the tips in this article to insulate your aluminum frames. You may kindly contact us for more inquiries and support about aluminum window insulators.


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