How Much Aluminum Windows Cost?

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Aluminum windows are thermally efficient, attractive, elegant, durable and manufacturer's strength. With aluminum window, you are sure that there will be an easy flow of air in and out of the room, since they come in different styles and sizes. 

The installation of aluminum windows in the house add value to the houmse and reduce future cost. aluminum windows reduce noise for people that live close to a noisy road or loud areas like parks.

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The cost of aluminum windowns varies due to size, style, brand, and product. The cost of an average aluminum window ranges from $375 to $1285, although these is subject to design and type. The total cost of the window with installation will increase due to the local labor, which is around $38 per hour depending on the area.

However, we can help you get the best Aluminum window for you within your budget. We have a guide for you that will help you make the right choice for your Aluminum window.

Tips to Getting Aluminum Window Cost 

The following tips will give you the cost of Aluminum windows. This will help you to plan your budget. 

1.Aluminum Window Brands

Aluminum windows come with different brands. The complexity of the brand also contributes to the cost of aluminum windows. Check out some aluminum window brands here. 

The brands you just checked came with different styles and prices. Each aluminum window has its dimensions. The dimension of your window will also determine the cost of the window.

2.Aluminum Frames

Considering some other frames, the aluminum frame is more expensive than them. The aluminum frame creates a modern look with longevity. The cost of the frame varies because it depends on the dimension and brand.

3.The Cost of Aluminum Windows

Timber or wooden frames are the most expensive frames. An aluminum window is the second most expensive window. The cost of the Aluminum window is due to manufacturing cost, strength, and brand. Some brands are cheaper than others.

4.Energy Efficiency 

Though Aluminum windows are heat conductive materials, modern aluminum windows have features like insulation, thermal breaks, and multi-compartment frames. This regulates temperature in the house.

Check the energy of aluminum windows by checking the window energy rating (WER) of the aluminum. WER rating is the listed A++ to E rating that is seen on windows. The recommended rating for the aluminum window is A to C. 

5.Styles and Colors

Aluminum windows come in different colors and styles. The style and color of Aluminum windows also contribute to the cost of aluminum windows. The most common color is silver in color.

The choice of color and style has cost implications. We encourage you to wisely select style and color that will make your house look comfortable and conducive to live.

Does the Value of Aluminum Window Worth the Cost?

It is important to check the worth of an aluminum window to know if the value with its cost. 

  • Aluminum windows are light, require minimal care, and suitable for a large window.  It is also compatible with a 3-point locking system.

  • Aluminum windows are attractive. It suits the modern fashion, making your home a modernized one. The appearance of your room brings the needed comfort to you.

  • Aluminum windows are the most durable windows. It does not peel, crack, bend or warp. The aluminum window saves cost due to its durability.


The cost of Aluminum windows varies due to size, style, and brand. Well, you can still get the best window within your budget.

In case what you need is an aluminum window that will stand the test of time both in season and out of season, we have the expertise to assist you in your choice of aluminum frames, and we also have the needed support you may require for the installation of aluminum window. 

Our brand? They are pretty affordable, durable and suitable for your house. Kindly contact us for all your aluminum window and accessories need. 


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