How to Choose a Casement Window for Your Home

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A casement window is a type of window that is attached by means of a hinge to its frame allowing the window to open outwards. This is different from the conventional windows and provides a slight modification to the interior décor.

aluminum casement windows

There are different models of casement windows to choose from when you are planning to replace those windows in your home. However, you need to consider some essential factors to help you in making a choice of window for your home.

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Casement window materials

Vinyl windows: The vinyl type provides greater warmth and design and low maintenance cost is the PVC. It helps to achieve a higher quality of life, with a cost similar to other materials and better benefits.

The wooden casement windows: They provide high performance and functionality, so they highlight and enhance the front of a home and present an enviable aesthetic, in addition to providing warmth and comfort. Wooden casement windows are always an excellent option for our houses, regardless of style.

In sheet metal. There are many options, but the most recommended are those filled with polyurethane injected under heat. A good option are those that have electrogalvanized sheet metal, with a cleaning, degreasing and phosphatizing process, finished in electrostatically applied anticorrosive paint with designs stamped in one piece and double contact sheet.

Aluminum. The aluminum casement windows are unique with their long duration, low maintenance, with excellent performance under pressure. The aluminum materials could be veneered or hollow.

Aluminum casement doors are solid and combine ductility and flexibility to provide a better housing experience. Due to their ease to adapt to all styles, they are increasingly becoming the most commercialized in the market.


Opening casement windows

The extent the window opens is controlled with cranks. The cranks help to prevent the windows from slamming the windows shut during strong winds. This helps to protect the window glass from damage. However, some casement windows are controlled with special cam handles or levers.

You need to consider this when making your choice of a casement window type.


The door is an essential element of the house hence should be considered when constructing a new house or simply renovation an old one.

However, the type of house goes a long way in determining the type of doors to install. Here, we will be looking at a unique type of win


Out-swing casement windows

Basically, these type of windows swing outwards with the help of the hinges that are located on the outside. They are the most popular casement window types due to the fact that they help to save up some space in the interior as opposed to the opening casement windows.

If you need more space in your house, then the out-swing casement windows might just be perfect!


Energy efficient windows

This type of casement window design comes with 2 or more frames. The gap between the glass panes are usually filled with argon gas which helps to insulate the interior from the temperature of the exterior. It is a nice choice for those who want to save up on the cost of maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

It is also important to the aesthetics, and where they are going to be installed, whether at the main entrance or towards the patio.


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