How To Choose A Casement Door?

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If you have been following the recent trends in home designs and features, you will agree we us that aluminum casement doors are now the latest trend which many home owners go for.

Why this is the case is very obvious, aluminum casement doors have a way of making your home look 21st century seamlessly. Yes, this is true because of the extra-it adds to an ordinary door design.

aluminum casement door

Besides this, casement doors come in various designs, colours and shapes. So, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on your personality, budget and the aura you intend to give your home.

While you have apparently come to realize how aluminum casement doors are revolutionizing homes and transforming buildings from the traditional 1950s look to a more modern look, here are some key factors you have to put into consideration when choosing one for your next project.


1. Budget

Yes, cost is obviously the first thing you must consider before dashing into casement door manufacturer’s factory.

Although it is good to consider your budget, it is also good to focus more on quality because both complements each other.

Looking at the price and trading cost for quality, is as good as running a rat race, since you’ll obviously have to spend more in maintenance or even installing a new aluminum casement door within a short time.


2. Design

Thankfully, aluminum casement door can easily bend themselves to various designs which will suit your need and style.

Well, in most cases, many home owners prefer the classic Victorian-style four panel casement door where there are two solid panels below with two glass panels at the top.

More so, there are other styles based on the angles or direction of the door as it is opened. Typical in this case are the FCL doors (opens from left to right), FCR doors (opens from right to left) and the single or double casement door.

Although all these are no benchmark for what you should choose, you have absolute liberty to choose and request for your unique design, and you’ll have it designed strictly to your request.


3. External View/Access To Natural Lighting

Another critical factor to consider is your choice to have a casement door that will give you maximum visibility of your external environment as well as allowing enough natural lighting into your space.

If this is your choice, count yourself very lucky because aluminum casement doors have the capacity to hold large piece of glass, which is fitted into the lightweight aluminum panels.


4. Choice of Finishing Material

Another important factor to consider is your choice of finishing material for your casement window. Generally, aluminum casement door come in various forms based on the type of finishing material that has been used for the frame.

Typically, some casement doors are made of un-anodized frames which are coated with baked polyester shell powder to increase the lifespan of your aluminum casement door.


5. Security

Although the last, the security of your properties is also a key factor to consider when choosing aluminum casement doors.

As mentioned earlier, investing in a quality casement door irrespective of the price will go a long way to save you a whole lot.

Besides the quality and material used in the design of your aluminum casement door, you also have to choose your lock careful. By this, you have to go for locks that are anti-snap, anti-pick and even anti-drill so that your lock will complement the quality of youraluminum casement door.


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