What Is The Best Material For Doors?

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Nowadays, the most common types of doors on the market are almost the wood-panel door, steel door, fiberglass door and aluminum door. And all kinds of door have both advantages and disadvantages. This article aims at comparing the doors that made by different material, then giving an optimal choice for you to acquire a suitable door.

Different materials for doors

Doors that made by the material of wood and steel


There is a wide range of wood-panel door. It could be classified by composite door, solid wood door and wooden door. And wood-panel door is widely used in private and commercial residential building. But this kind of material has a limitation in choosing the location, for that sometimes it would be not suitable to exposed in the wet environment, also, compare to the doors in other material, it has a relatively weak anti-theft performance.


The appearance of steel doors on the market is very similar to anti-theft doors. In terms of anti-theft performance, standard anti-theft doors have thick steel plates and strong impact resistance. For the exterior door, normally steel doors need to be strengthened by galvanized steel plate, each reinforcement by oxygen protection welding, equipped with waterproof threshold (or bottom seal), anti-theft pin, high-quality UV resistant coating, to adapt to the harsh working environment of outdoor sun and rain.


Aluminum Doors

Aluminum door is a door frame component made of surface treated aluminum alloy profiles, processed by cutting, punching, milling, tapping, manufacturing, assembly and other processing process surfaces, and then assembled together with connectors, sealing materials, opening and closing hardware accessories and glass. According to the opening mode: push-pull aluminum door, flat aluminum door, folding aluminum door, hanging aluminum door.


Why aluminum door could be your optimal choice

In normal cases, except the wood-panel door and steel door, more and more people would like to choose Aluminum door to be their first choice. Now let’s see the reason.


Aluminum as a relatively light material, has a good sealing performance and it’s convenient for processing. Besides, the profile design of the Aluminum door is simple and practical, the thickness of the frame could be customized, and the overall appearance is generous, concise and comfortable. Additionally, with the unique drainage system design, all the angles are waterproof adhesive, absolute seal, and completely eliminate water seepage.


How to get your optimal choice for doors in a right way

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