How To Remove Aluminum Windows

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The aluminum window is gaining much popularity in usage throughout homes in various countries of the world, and this is due to the advantages they have over other window types.


These benefits are high durability, low cost of purchase, and longer shelf life before replacement or removal.


However, to get the best quality, you need to partner with a reliable and trusted China aluminum windows manufacturer.


After a long-serving period, you might want to remove them for a new one or you might want to have a different shape of a window.

 China aluminum windows

Removal of the aluminum window might look like an easy task to perform. This process can still be carried out at home with just a couple of tools, a bit of patience, and safety glasses.


How do you go about this?  No need to worry, I will take you through this in this write-up.


Procedure for removing aluminum windows 

1. Tools for Operation:

There are some tools you will need to get this task done. These tools such as a screwdriver, pry bar, reciprocating saw, and a brick veneer are needed at some points in the removal of old windows.


Removing aluminum windows can be risky and so you need to put on safety glasses to shield your eyes from any possible glass breakages.


2. Remove Trim and Window Screens

Always, it all begins from the external parts, that is, removal of screens, screws, and any trim.


The trim can be useful in the installation of a new window so you can keep it. After this, the sliding windows can be removed and placed on one side.


3. Time to remove Stops and Sash  

Moving inside, remove the stops on the aluminum windows from the unit using the reciprocating saw.


These look very easy but be mindful of it. After this, you can remove the sash too.

 China aluminum windows

4. Take away the Jamb

This is simply done using a hammer and a screwdriver or a pry bar to shove out the panel.


Alternatively, a reciprocating saw can also be used to cut across the jamb.


After the removal of the aluminum window, you can tidy up the window environment.


5. Flush, Insulate and Seal and Insulate

Once the window area is cleaned, cover the jamb with wood until it perfectly flushes with the brick veneer.


Insulation is applied to the frame opening that sandwiches the sheathing and the back of the brick veneer. Once this is done, use a screwdriver and screws to safeguard the new China aluminum window.


On the inside, tidy up the window and ensure it is secured. Then on the outside, fill the window towards the brick veneer to make the new aluminum window impermeable to air.


Do you need a high-quality China aluminum window? 

Yes, the task of removing an aluminum window is not an easy one and sometimes might prove a bit of a challenge.


You can partner with reliable and trustworthy China aluminum windows manufacturers like Kenneth.


Once you do this, we will not only help you with the removal of the aluminum windows but would also provide a top-notch quality brand for its replacement. Kindly contact us today for professional service and timely delivery of your orders.


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