A Step By Step Guide On The Installation Of Aluminum Bathroom Doors

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A common fixture with a promise of durability in every home is an aluminum bathroom door. They can be erected in a new project or an already existing one.


Aluminum bathroom door factory also offers a variety of easy to install, pre-hung doors that are applicable for both outdoor and indoor purposes.


For this reason, a lot of homeowners are now making the shift towards this elegant bathroom door material in order to complement the beautiful backdrop of their home and space.


However, for the best deal on this product, you need to partner and source for them from a reputable aluminum bathroom door factory where only the best materials are used in manufacturing them.


We all know that the bathroom is often in a humid environment, and it gets wetter in winter or rainy days. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the following points when installing aluminum bathroom doors.

 aluminum bathroom doors

Here are some simple steps to follow when trying to install aluminum bathroom doors in your home:


First step

Measure for width and height of door frame and openings to be used should not exceed 2 inches of the door frame. Common measurements of door frames are 80” high and 48” wide.


If this is the case the carved door opening should be 82” high and 50” wide but they may be smaller if the floor and wall studs are of the same level.


Second Step

Decide the location for the door. If in the case of the locations having electrical wires, disconnect them from their power source before proceeding to pull them off the wall.


In the case of spliced wires, take care to ensure that the splice is easily accessible. An experienced electrician would place the electrical wire as close as possible to the door frame.


This would serve as the splice location. If not consult with our aluminum bathroom door factory for an experienced electrician to hire.

 aluminum bathroom doors

Third step

Place 2x4 studs on the left, right, and top of the opening of the door. With this, you will be able to hold the frame in place so that you can have other parts fixed properly and without stress.


Fourth step

Doors should be detached off frames and hinges. Be careful not to remove the door frame strip as the need for it may arise later.  Half of the existing hinges should be detached from the wall and frame.


Fifth step

Place pre-hung doors in openings. Shims should be placed for the top, bottom, or left, right adjustments.


This would make sure the door is level. Then, proceed to nail the door through existing doors where shims have been placed. Do ensure to nail them tightly.


Door panels are nailed on hinges as a looseness and tightness test is carried out.


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