How To Clean Aluminum Doors And Windows

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After purchasing and installing your aluminum doors and windows from a trusted aluminum door supplier,  homeowners can now sit back and enjoy their beautiful homes.


Aluminum doors are popular among homeowners for their low maintenance and durability likewise its modern aesthetic touch which it gives to a house and buildings.


To get the best of your aluminum door and window, you should bear in mind that low maintenance does not mean zero maintenance.  


Over time, windows and doors tend to accumulate dirt, grime and dust which if left on surfaces would not only affect the aesthetics of them but also their longevity.


So, to enjoy the maximum shelf life of your windows and doors purchased from an aluminum door supplier, here are some general tips and rules on how to clean your windows and doors.


A general rule of thumb is to clean before installing. This would lengthen the time for your next cleaning. You also want to avoid the use of harsh and non-abrasive cleaners or mild soap when cleaning window frames.


You should also pay attention to the fact that you are thoroughly dry frames of every bit of water and moisture from glasses, hinges and sealants after cleaning to prevent rust and damage.


Your cleaning kit for your aluminum doors and windows essentially should contain some of these items;

· A soft bristle brush

· A mild soap or non-alkaline detergent

· Low-pressure water hose or bucket

· Clean water

· Soft non-abrasive cloth for drying

· Lubricant (preferably silicone lubricant)

· A blower to help rid of dirt and debris from hinges


Cleaning should be scheduled and done on a regular basis. You can schedule your cleaning to suit yourself.  It can be done on a monthly basis, mid-year basis or on an annual basis depending on your preference.


Aluminum Windows

When dealing with the cleaning of aluminum windows, the type of the window will determine the process and type of care to give.

 Aluminum Windows

Here is a quick guide on how to go about it.


· Do not stand directly on the window frame and wipe it. In addition to being unsafe, it will add pressure to the window and cause the frame to deform.

· Clean from top, working your way to the bottom to ensure that you do not spread dirt or grime to the already cleaned area.

· You can use a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent, do not use ordinary soap, washing powder, toilet detergent and other strong acid and alkali cleaning agents, which will corrode the surface of the profile.

· Dip non-abrasive cloth in soap water to wipe surfaces, paying more attention and applying a little more pressure to areas with tough stains.

· Wipe several times, and wipe the window surface and frame with a dry soft cloth for the last time.

In addition, we should pay special attention to that, after raining, wet glass and door and window frames should be wiped off in time.


Aluminum Doors

The cleaning is similar to that of the aluminum windows. Hosing down of external parts can be done to loosen dirt and grime.


Also make sure to thoroughly dry the hinges, springs and any locking system with help of a blower or a dry cloth.

 Aluminum Doors

Lastly lubricate the parts as this will ensure flawless gliding and movement of parts.


If the aluminum door and window frame is found to be deformed during cleaning, the door and window cannot be closed and sealed. It may be that the screws at the connection are loose and should be tightened immediately. If the screw feet are loose, apply a small amount of cement to seal with epoxy super glue.


In order to prolong the service life of aluminum doors and windows, we must not deliberately damage doors and windows. Careful care and maintenance can make household aluminum doors and windows last longer, and keep them clean at all times and leave a good impression on others.


Following the above maintenance tips will make your aluminum doors and windows look completely new. If you have any other questions, consult Kenneth now for more information. 


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