A Buyer’s Guide: The Two Prominent Types Of Aluminum Windows

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Whether you are raising your new building or thinking of totally changing the face of your old house, it is obvious that the types of aluminum windows to be used are running through your mind.


You may be considering what kind of window systems and styles would best suit your building, or maybe you’re looking for information regarding the sizes and configurations of the various window types.


This write-up will provide you with all the necessary information bothering your heart, and will guide you in making an unregretful decision.


And besides just choosing, it is important to ensure that you are sourcing your aluminum windows from a renowned manufacturer with an outstanding record of excellence.


With this, you are sure of investing your hard-earned money in the right product that will stand the test of time and will also enhance the aesthetic value of your home.


Let’s quickly dive deep as we take a closer look at some of the key reasons why we are of the opinion that aluminum windows are the smartest and perfect choice for you.

 aluminum windows

Why aluminum windows are the perfect choice

Aluminum windows have emerged to be one of the most used window choices in South Africa due to the different benefits they provide. Such benefit includes:

ü Aluminum is strong and lasts for a long period of time which commercial and residential users find it more affordable and good quality for their buildings due to its durability.

ü  Aluminum mostly does not necessarily require maintenance and can sustain for life time as they are rust free and will hardly deteriorate.

ü Aluminum comes in sizes both standard and custom, also in styles and different coating, which the standard coated colours include; bronze, black, white, charcoal(dark grey) and new silver. All to match your styles.

ü Also, the aluminum window frame can be fitted using different kinds of permanent glasses which include safety and security glass, acoustic glass, fire rated glass, aesthetic glass, and as well bullet resistant glass.

ü It also can be double-glazed which help provides better acoustic, energy efficiency and various differ benefit that give security and relaxation to your home.

ü You can choose from a range of window (non-opening) windows to casement windy, sliding and sliding-folding windows as they come in different styles.

ü In all, it is cost effective.


To make it more detailed let's see the type and their unique features.


Sliding Aluminum windows

Sliding windows have an unnoticeable design, particularly when there's no space for frames to project outwards. The horizontal sliding windows are made to come in 2,3 or 4 panes, this is based on the with of the window. They can be found in a range of standard size, up to 3m in width, also up to 1.5m in height, but for larger custom size they are also possible.


We also offer a few different sliding windows which are in existence, and some come with more bulky profiles whereas some come with slim profiles that'll enable you to make your choice of the system well okay for your building.

Also, windows can easily enter smoothly next to another fixture like sliding or folding doors and fix-pane windows. These types of windows also can be fixed with top-lights or sidelights.


Casement Aluminum windows

Casement windows know also as projected or sash windows exist. The sashes are for the opening parts which can be moved forward or backward from the window outer frame.


This type of window can come in two ways:  these two ways are top hung and side hung. With the side hung windows, the frames can be opened to the right or even the left while for the top hung windows, the frames fasten to the top outer frame and is opened upward.


The design of the casement windows gives maximum control over the rain, wind and ventilation to the very degree, which that happens to be the beauty of casement windows. These sets are particularly functional when fixed on the weather-facing side of the building due to its ability to control the extent of wind penetration and also keep the rain out.


They can open them all to 90 degrees and also can be opened just a little to let breeze penetration. Casement windows are excellent if you are desiring to make use of cross ventilation to make your room cool because you can open them to any angle you wish so to let breeze enter when it rains without the rain entering your home.


Finally, these windows make use of maximum frame size which can be 600mm wide and 1200mm high. They also can be as large as 2.4m in width, and also up to 1.8m in height. Outside this, the window can be fixed top-lights or with even sidelights which function well in rooms like, sitting room, bedroom, home office and even kitchen.


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