Customization And Application Trends In Aluminum Doors Design And Use

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Aluminum has found its way to becoming one of the most used materials for home decor and interior, mostly for doors and windows. 


Aluminum doors are known for their unique strength, durability, and aesthetic value.


They are elegant, stylish, and serve the purpose of enhancing beauty especially when they are used with other materials that adds value to a space.


They are very easy to design to suit the taste and style and they can be combined with other materials such as tiles, or glass to meet the architectural designs and requirements of the space.


Wooden door frames are considered archaic and are now replaced by square and rectangular aluminum frames.


This makes aluminum the highlight of interior door design frames, as the new fashion trend is thin frames that are easy to install and easy to clean.


One should note that the uniqueness of aluminum is the ability to design it into any form, shape, size, or frame and it has different colours allowing it to blend easily into any design.

 aluminum doors

Why aluminum door are perfect for the home

· As said earlier, aluminum is popularly known for its aesthetic properties, as it is used to beautify the home. 

· When combined with other materials, aluminum doors enhances the beauty and style of the environment. 

· They are suitable for any architectural design. 

· Another advantage of aluminum doors is their structural stability, durability, rigidity, and strength.

· Aluminum doors are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and long lasting. 

· They have an outstanding acoustic and thermal insulating capacity and they are excellent conductors.

· People's preference for varieties of colour makes aluminum doors the best choice. 

· They do not require high maintenance, they do not rust and neither do they need to be painted once they are finished with anodized finishes or baked.


Homeowners are conversant with aluminum as it is one of the most well-known and highly requested materials in interior decoration.  


Below we take a look at the trending aluminum door designs to help inspire your ideas for home and office decor.


· Style customization.

Aluminum doors are the "in thing” now and are in high demand now due to its variation in the designs available in the market 


These designs range from casement doors to wooden door style and bi-fold aluminum doors.


With its high style statement-making profile, aluminum doors give your space the aesthetics of a metropolitan, urban, and modern touch.


· The option of expansive glass

Recent trends of urban homes have the options of the large patio, yards, swimming pools, and garden space, making aluminum doors the best option to bring the outside inside.


Wide and large expansive glass offers a view to the outside allowing homeowners to take in the scenery of their beautiful home without having to step outside.  Every day is a sky-gazing day for aluminum door users.


Hues in black

Black aluminum frames re-emerged in 2019 with its contemporary touch which it adds to homes and spaces. 


With its perfect contrast against white walls and backgrounds and its slim frame styles, it is a statement piece for every space


Door frame

Arched door frames are way behind us as squares and rectangles are the in thing and here to stay. It offers homeowners a clear view without the obstruction that the arches give and its easy installation are also brownie points.


Now that you know that aluminum is the new rave in town with its contemporary touch and flexibility, contact Kenneth to purchase yours for your home.


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