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If you’re building or renovating your house, aluminum windows are certainly the best choice.


Its many wonderful properties make it perfectly ideal for door and window frames.


Aluminum designs for various construction work have evolved over the years, helping them gain massive popularity in many homes


By taking a simple survey around various neighbourhoods, it is noticeable that aluminum windows are the trend.


Installing aluminum windows are a major way to enhance the aesthetic view of any space.


These days, upon the massive evolution and use of aluminum windows or doors in the home, many manufacturing companies especially ours can tailor-make aluminum products to suit the needs and desires of the buyer.


Our company, Kenneth has many new and trendy designs for our different products which include doors, windows, and glasshouses.


We focus on ensuring that all customers get the best benefits. According to customer needs, customize their aluminum doors and windows for them.


Our benefits include improved security and energy-saving, innovative design and thinking, and most essentially, our customization feature. 


There are special profiles for all our products; specifications and details of these profiles can be chosen to customize a product that is most suitable for you.

OEM/ODM Service

Below are our profile details


Aluminum profiles


Our aluminum profiles are made up of a thermal break aluminum system design to improve its energy-saving function.




The aluminum alloy used is 6063-TS




The wall thickness of our aluminum products ranges from 1.2mm and 2.0mm depending on the product; aluminum windows usually have a thickness of 1.4mm and the doors have a thickness of 2.0mm.


Glass profile




We use several types of glass in the production of our doors, windows, and sunrooms.


 glass types

They include:


· Insulated double glass: 


Consisting of two or more glass window panes, insulated double glass is set apart by a gas-filled or vacuum space to lower the transfer of heat across the part of the building they have been installed.


· Insulated triple glass:


This type of glass consists of an extra layer of glass to provide more insulation.


Argon gas separates the three panes of this glass.  


It allows for better temperature maintenance as it is very effective in preventing heat from escaping. 


· Float glass:

This special type of glass is completely smooth and free from distortion, it is popularly used in the design of other glass items like heat-toughened glass and laminated glass.


· Tempered glass:


Tempered glass has a higher strength when compared to other types of glass.


It is the most popular type of safety glass and is often referred to as toughened glass.


It is processed by the controlled chemical or thermal treatment of the glass to increase its strength.


· Low-E glass:


It refers to the condition of a surface that is emitting lower levels of radiant thermal energy.


This type of glass is used to reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes passes the glass.


· Reflective glass:


This is a type of standard or annealed glass is characterized by its thin coating of metallic oxide.


The coating application is one-sided making it mirror-like in appearance.


· Laminated glass:


This is a special type of safety glass characterized by the fact that it holds together even when it shatters. 


It is held together by an interlayer if it breaks. 


· Customized art glass:

This type of glass is stained, engraved, or crystallized to form beautiful art pieces. 

profile structure display 


Glass thickness


The single thickness of these various types of glass ranges from 4mm-12mm. Double gazing is with 6A, 9A. 12A, 27A spacing 




There is a variety of colours to choose from when purchasing glass products from us.


Those colours include clear, super clear, grey, coffee brown, green, and tinted blue.


Hardware profile


Our hardware products are high-quality, made in well-known Chinese (Kinlong) and German (Siegenia/Roto/Others) brands.


Accessories profile


We use EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) as the sealant rubber for our accessories.


Stainless steel 304# is also an accessory used for aluminum windows. It is the best grade of stainless steel. 

Accessories profile 

colour collection 


It helps produce high-quality aluminum windows, making the end-products both aesthetic and durable. 


Production Standard


Our production standard is based on the shop drawings that have been approved by the buyer.


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Improve your home décor by choosing from any of our profiles; you can customize a door/window that is most suitable for you and your home.


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