Maintenance of Aluminium Glass Doors and Windows

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Regular cleaning and dedusting

The window frame is easy to accumulate dust. If it is cleaned irregularly, it will be scratched by small dust particles in the process of opening and closing. This not only affects the appearance of doors and windows, if the protective layer of the surface layer is scraped off, it will be more easily corroded, which will affect the use in the long run.


In addition, if there is too much dust, it will make it difficult for aluminium glass doors and windows to open and close. If we don't clear them in time and open the doors and windows with great efforts, we can imagine that the service life of the doors and windows will be drastically reduced.

Aluminium Glass Windows

Here are some cleaning points:

1. When cleaning the window, do not let the detergent or water penetrate into the gap that cannot be wiped.


2. Use soft cloth to clean, do not use too much force, and wipe it several times. Never use hard cloth.

3. Wipe with clean water or neutral detergent as far as possible.

4. Do not dry after cleaning, and try to dry immediately.

5. If it's a small stain, just rub it with air.

6. The slot of sliding window can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or small brush instead of relying on water.

7. When cleaning the window, take safety as the top priority, and try not to step on the window frame.

In addition, it is best to keep the aluminium glass doors and windows dry at all times.


Try not to touch hardware parts with wet hands

This is also to protect the hardware fittings from corrosion. If it is a movable accessory, it will affect the smoothness of opening and closing if it is corroded, so the aluminium glass doors and windows will not be easy to use.


However, there are still aluminium glass doors and windows with strong corrosion resistance on the market.

Aluminium Windows

The opening and closing force of doors and windows should not be too strong

Violent use is not advisable. If the opening and closing of hardware parts are difficult, try pouring a little lubricant into the activity place. Remember not to open and close until the opening and closing are smooth. It will cause too much damage to the accessories, and the gain is not worth the loss.

 Aluminium Glass doors

In normal use, light opening and light closing is OK, because now the high-quality door and window product hardware is relatively smooth.


Although maintenance seems to be very troublesome, in fact, if you buy high-quality doors and windows with humanized design like the San Paolo, they can be used for a long time without maintenance. The above maintenance skills, "regular dust removal" is the most important, other aspects of the use process you pay more attention to it.

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