Why Aluminium Sunrooms are Better than Steel Structures

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Steel structure, aluminum alloy structure and bridge cutoff aluminum structure are the materials used to build sunshine house in the family. Some owners choose steel structure to build openview sunrooms because the price of aluminum alloy structure and bridge cutoff aluminum structure is slightly expensive. Although the steel structure is affordable, its effect is worrying. Here we are going to compare these three kinds of sunshine houses from six aspects to see which structure is the most cost-effective and most suitable for people to live in.


In terms of safety index:

As far as the ordinary family sunshine room is concerned, the steel, aluminum and broken bridge aluminum can meet the safety requirements in bearing capacity and wind pressure resistance. Unless the large sunlight room needs to be built with steel structure, the safety of three kinds of materials in the small sunlight room can be divided equally.


From the perspective of daylight index:

All three types of sunlight rooms are built into glass roofs, with good lighting. But if it is built into color steel plate roof and tile roof, the daylighting will be greatly reduced. It is suggested that in order to enjoy the sunshine better, we must choose the glass top sunshine room.

 sunroom fourseason

In terms of sound insulation index:

The dividing point of steel structure, aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum lies in the living experience. In terms of sound insulation performance, the soundproofness of steel structure sunlight room is lower than that of aluminum alloy sunlight room, and the soundproofness of aluminum alloy sunlight room is lower than that of broken bridge aluminum sunlight room.


In terms of energy saving level:

As we all know, the steel structure sunlight room does not have any heat insulation, so the general steel structure sunlight room will have a serious cold winter and hot summer situation. Although the heat insulation performance of aluminum alloy sunlight room is OK, it is not comparable to the heat insulation bridge breaking aluminum material specially produced for heat insulation. The aluminum inner cavity of thermal insulation bridge cutoff is filled with thermal insulation materials, which can save energy and keep the sunshine room warm in winter and cool in summer.

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In terms of waterproof level:

Although antirust treatment will be carried out during the construction of steel structure sunlight room, rust and rain leakage will still occur on the surface of materials after the rainy season, which is only a matter of time. The aluminum alloy and Bridge cutoff aluminum materials have stable performance and maintenance free, no rust problem, good sealing performance and good waterproof effect.


In terms of cost index:

The owner who knows a little about sunshine house will know the price of the three first. Steel structure is the cheapest, aluminum alloy is a little more expensive, aluminum bridge is more expensive. But some sunshine rooms are cheap when they are decorated, the more they are used, the more expensive they are. For example, the cost of later repair and maintenance of steel structure sunlight room. But some sunlight rooms are a little expensive when they are decorated. The cheaper they are, like aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum, they have excellent maintenance free performance and can give people comfortable enjoyment.

To sum up, it is not difficult to see that the cost performance of the bridge cutoff aluminum sunshine room is very high. For the owners who want to build the four seasons sunrooms & windows, it is suggested to build the sunshine room of this material.


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